Friday, October 21, 2016




****All MYBA GAMES ARE CANCELLED FOR 1/22, 1/23 AND 1/24*******

With every meteorologist and amateur weather person throwing around terms like "historic", "epic" and "life threatening" for this weekends storm, I do not see the value in waiting for the first flake to fall before calling our games. So ALL games this weekend (Jan 22nd through Jan 24th) are cancelled!

As for rescheduling, we are very tight on gym space and referees, so I will spend my snowed in time making sure that every team has at least 9 games. Beyond that, each Area Coordinator and coach will be deciding what other games can be rescheduled and I will help with gym availability, referees and putting them on the schedule. Hopefully by Monday (assuming I don't lose my internet all weekend), we'll have an updated schedule. I'll post here when it's complete.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility and please stay safe!

PS - please spread the word, thanks! -Dan


The Monocacy Youth Basketball Association (MYBA) was established in 1991.  It was formed by three Frederick County communities consisting of 17 youth basketball teams.  The purpose of the league was to establish a recreational youth basketball program for boys and girls in grades 3-12. MYBA strives for a high level of play within our instructional and recreational framework.  Everyone who registers with a community affiliated with MYBA will be placed on a boys or girls team with a must play rule.  Today, in our 23rd year, we have expanded the league to 24 communities and almost 300 teams within Frederick, Carroll and Washington Counties!

This website will be used to disseminate information to area coordinators, coaches, parents and players.  If anyone has a specific question/concern that is not answered herein, please contact your area coordinator.

President - Joe Parisi

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary - Dan Hoffman

Treasurer - Joe Parisi

MYBA weather closing policy:

ALL MYBA games are canceled when the snow emergency plan goes into effect for Frederick County.  If snow emergency is lifted, games will begin 1 hour later (double-check with your coordinator).  If the snow emergency plan goes into effect when a game is already in progress, or both teams and the refs are present and ready to begin, the game can continue to be played if the facility rules permit.  You can check the snow emergency status at

Only Carroll County games (EWE, MAM, NWM, NWS, not MCA) are canceled if the Carroll County snow emergency plan goes into effect, but Frederick County does not.  Once Carroll County goes into the snow emergency plan, games are canceled for the entire weekend.  If the snow emergency plan is in effect on 8:00pm Friday night, Carroll County games are canceled for the following day.  Even though games in Carroll County might be canceled, games will still be played in Frederick County as long as the snow emergency plan is not in effect.

This is a little confusing, so if you are unsure, parents should call only their coaches. Coaches should call only their coordinator.  Coordinators should call their phone tree coordinator.  You can also find any game cancellation updates on our facebook page.  Please err on the side of safety if the roads are questionable.